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Liz has been interviewed on BBC and UTV as well as been invited to speak on BBC Radio, Radio Ulster, U105, Downtown Radio, Radio Foyle and Highland Radio. As well as Today FM and Newstalk in Dublin.

She has been interviewed and featured in The Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, Newsletter, Sunday Life, Ulster Tatler.and Ulster Business.  Plus Women in Business, Derry Journal, The Londonderry Sentinel and The South Belfast Times. As well as Business First and

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“Thanks so much Liz, so excited J is a really lovely gentleman. We get on so well together. I love him so much. So delighted we are now getting married! Thank you Liz.”

Ms S G who get engaged this summer 2017

“Have to say really enjoyed the fine dining events and meeting you as well. Great for confidence and experiencing the fun side of dating! Thanks again”

Miss C T who is now in a relationship since June 2017

” I had a ball last night. It was such fun thank you! With all the excitement of the night I forgot to say thank you. What a great job you do. We all felt so comfortable and at ease very quickly. Hence we ended up in P’s house until 3am. He made us bacon butties at 2.30am and then called cabs I think he had had enough! Haven’t done that since Uni.”

Dr. C M Feb 2017

“I had so much fun. The 2nd dinner was a blast. I felt so much cooler about the whole process Liz..I really felt after my divorce that I had buckled and lost my confidence. Well it’s back! Thank you so much. This alone is worth the fee. The dates may just help a bit as well!! “

Mrs C M Jan 2017

“I’m delighted I’ve joined. I had a great time and you’re a great host.What a brilliant night. I am taking your advice and going on dates! Can’t wait!! Thanks again. “

Miss M. T. Nov 2016

“Thanks for a good evening. I just wanted to tell you that you must tell people what good craic this is. I did not expect when I walked in at the beginning of the evening to be going to the bar at 12.30pm with a bunch of people I just met. Really good larf. Made some mates as well as met some very nice young ladies.Good job LIz”

Mr M McC June 2016.

“Another great night at the Fine Dining Club Miss Liz.Thanks again. Bit of a sore head this morning to prove it. No idea where you get all these great girls from…S and I have already been in touch and are heading out later today for a walk and lunch. Good result I would say.”

Mr C D May 2014 - who Married S in July 2106.

“I know the idea is to meet ladies Miss Liz. But it has been great meeting a few guys to go out for a beer with and watch the rugby. As all my mates are married or partnered up it’s great to have a few single guys I can go out with. But keep the dates coming.”/em>

Mr D P June 2013

“You were indeed right, romance is not dead, I must say Miss Doyle you are a wonder of the dining club world. Now all I have to sort is churches, rings, dresses, cakes, cars, venues… you have a lot to answer for Miss Doyle!”

Mr D.N. - Bangor (who has married a lovely lady he met at The Fine Dining Club in 2012)

“Miss Liz, you are not going to believe it…we got married! …as you know…romance is alive and well and apparently living in Holywood. We know that we were made for each other….(as you did suggest!). We make each other roar with laughter and this lovely man has bought sunshine back into my life. We had a very quiet civil wedding with only the children and TMP’s mother and my parents. Thank you Miss Liz. I have sent you a couple of lovely new men and I am looking out for a lovely man for you!”

Mrs D.E.W. - Holywood, Co. Down.

“Going with an open mind is our advice - we meet on the first night of the dining club and have been together ever since. The mix of atmosphere and fine food will allow you to have a really enjoyable night and more importantly, no pressure!!! ps. we got married in 2011!”

Mr & Mrs D.B - Belfast

“Initially to support a friend who recently joined Fine Dining Club, I met Liz for a coffee; who determined my status, likes/dislikes and described clear guide lines of the club. On my first dining event I met 3 ladies and 4 gentlemen at ‘Deane’s at Queens’. Liz was an excellent host, everyone relaxed quickly enjoying a cheerful evening with individuals of similar age group and mindset. I was quite happy to have enjoyed a pleasurable evening with good company and surprised when Liz contacted me next day with two prospective dates. From that I spoke to JM on the phone a few times before meeting him later in the week when he surprised me with a very fine picnic and bouquet of flowers. JM is still surprising me. After 7 months we consider ourselves very fortunate to have met a boy/girlfriend/lover with similar values and background.

As a business owner my free time is precious and having space to meet potential partners is slim and as much as I enjoy dancing, noisy pubs and clubs does not lend itself to talking, listening and getting to know a person. Fine Dining Club gathers individuals with similar outlooks. JM is just as busy as I am running a business. Making the space for someone special has made my world a happier place. So glad we both took the step to contact Liz.”

P.C. Downpatrick & J.M. Monaghan

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Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

— James Beard

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

— Harriet Van Horne

At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely.

— W. Somerset Maugham